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Getting Started

It is advised for new players to thoroughly read and understand the contents of Server Information, for it provides an overview of all that is available in BahamutRO.

Account Creation

First things first, you have to create an account if you haven't already.
In the account creation page, you will be asked to provide you desired username and password, your email address, and desired account gender.
A valid email e-mail address is not required, but it is recommended to provide one, as it is necessary for password changing and recovery.
The chosen gender determines the default gender of all characters within the account.
The date of birth is used for manual identity verification purposes in case you have forget your credentials.

Once an account is created, you can proceed to download the Game Client if you haven't done so already.

Character Creation

After you have created an account, downloaded the client, and logged in, creating a character is the first step. An account holds up to 9 different characters.
When creating a character you have from up to 84 different hairstyles, 100 different hair colors, and 694 different clothing colors to choose from!
Do not worry about getting things 'just right' as the Stylist will also allow you to adjust your character's appearance once you are in-game.

Entrance Hall

Upon creating your character and selecing it, you are taken to the Entrance Hall.
In the Entrance Hall, you will find The Host, who will allow you to select a job for your character.
This is the only time you will be allowed to select a job for your character.
It is advised for new players to create a farming-friendly character as their first character, such as a Priest, Wizard, Sage, or Ninja. This is due to their AOE magic skills.
After selecting your job, you will be provided a Starter Kit and taken to Prontera, the main town.

Key Items


After arriving in Prontera, the first thing to do is allocate your status points. All character receive 1,000 status points to allocate. You cannot obtain more.

The stats work slightly differently in BahamutRO, and here are what they each do.

Increases ATK and resistance to physical attacks
Increases FLEE, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed
Increases Maximum HP, HP Recovery
Increases MATK, Maximum SP, SP Recovery, and resistance to magic attacks
Increases HIT and Attack Speed
Increases Critical Rate and the probability rates of all effects granted by equipment and materia except for those pertaining to item drops

After allocating your status points, you are free to explore everything that BahamutRO has to offer!!

Player Commands

Several special commands are available for players to utilize. These commands can be typed into the chat box and sent.

Lists all available commands.

Used for role playing.

Example: @me picks up jellopy

Displays current server time.

Retrieves a list of all the monsters that drop a desired item.

Example: @whodrops jellopy

Retrieves information regarding a desired monster.

@mi Eddga

Retrieves the spawn locations of a desired monster.

Example: @whereis Eddga

Special Features

General Shop Button

This button is found next to the player HUD window and is always accessible, allowing players to access the General Shop, from which many of the essential items can be purchased.

Utility Button

This button is also found next to the player HUD window and is always accessible, allowing players to do several things:
- Retrieve drop information of Items (similiar to the @whodrops command)
- Retrieve monster locations (similiar to the @whereis command)
- Retrieve monster information (similiar to the @mi command)
- View the most recent changes in the server
- Report bugs

Special NPCs

Here are some useful NPCs you can find in Prontera.

Control Panel

The Control Panel allows players to view their in-game mail box, send mail, and access the website through the in-game web browser.

Commodity Dealer

Loot plays an essential role in BahamutRO, and the Commodity Dealer is a special NPC to whom loot can be sold and bought from.
Loot sold to the Commodity Dealer is put on sale to allow to be purchased by other players.
The Commodity Dealer will serve as the primary means by which you will earn your zeny.
For a comprehensive list of commodities, refer to the Commodities page.


The Merchant is a special NPC that puts up for sale various goods at a discount.
The Merchant's goods are limited. However, every hour he will renew what is for sale with a new batch of goods.
Certain items can only be purchased from the Merchant.


The Collector is a special NPC that seeks to purchase a particular commodity.
The Collector is willing to pay generously for those who will bring him what he seeks; however, the quantity he is willing to purchase is limited.
The commodity sought by the Collector is only temporary and changes hourly or when the required amount of the commodity he seeks is satisfied.
Sometimes the commodity sought by the Collector is available for sale by the Commodity Dealer, so if you are quick enough you can easily flip for a hefty profit!


The Storage allows players to access their account storage and guild storage.
Only guild members with a position rank above 10 can access the guild storage.

Rental Dealer

The Rental Dealer rents out a selection of useful farming equipment.
Rental items disappear from your inventory after the indicated period of its rental duration.
As soon as the purchase is made from the Rental Dealer, the rental timer begins, so purchase cautiously.
If you are unwilling to rent and would rather have these items permanently, the Monster Hunter offers you the option.

The following are the items available for rent.

Rental Items


The Tailor offers quests for various job costumes.
Job costumes are for character personalization, and provide no other benefit.


The Stylist offers the ability to players to alter their appearance.
On top of offering the various hairstyle, hair color, and clothing color, the Stylist also offers the changing of skin color.


The Fashionist offers services to players who are curious about any desired headgear.
The Fashionist allows you to try wearing, and provides information in regards to the obtainability of, any desired headgear.
If a quest for a desired headgear is available, the Fashionist will allow you to view its requirements, and complete it.
For a comprehensive list of headgears, refer to the Headgears page.


The Alchemist allows players to convert a variety of commodities.
A noteworthy conversion offered by the Alchemist is Gold Ore to Gold.

Build Manager

The Build Manager manages your status point allocations. He is able to save and load your status point allocations, as well as reset them.
The Build Manager allows you save up to 4 different status allocation templates.

Monster Hunter

The Monster Hunter provides players with monster hunting missions to complete in exchange for Proof of Hunter, an item which can be exchanged for a variety of rare items.

The following are the items available for exchange.

Monster Hunter Items

General Shop

The General Shop carries nearly all player necessities.
The General Shop is also accessible at all times to the players by utilizing the button located beside the player HUD window.


The Shapeshifter allows players to view any monster, pet, or costume by morphing its appearing to that which is desired by the player.
The Shapeshifter is especially useful for players that are curious about the looks of a particular pet or costume.


The Banker offers various bank notes worth a particular sum of zeny.
These notes store zeny until needed. The player can use these notes at any time to retrieve the zeny back.
This becomes particularly useful if you are fortunate enough to reach and wish to surpass the maximum Zeny limit in your account.

Bank Notes

Donation Agent

The Donation Agent offers a variety of valuable items for Cash Points (CP).
Cash Points can be obtained by donating or from CP Boxes.
CP Boxes are one of numerous items that can be obtained from Old Black Boxes.
Old Black Boxes are obtainable by hunting naturally spawning MVP monsters.

Item Drops & Drop Rates

Hunting monsters plays a crucial role in helping players advance, as it is provides the primary means by which players will acquire zeny and gear.

The drop rate of each type of item is as follows:

1 ~ 80%

1 ~ 10%

0.5 ~ 1%


The drop rate of Etc/Commodities items depend upon their value. The general rule is that the higher the value, the lower the drop rate.
A particular difference between Etc/Commodities and other types of items is that multiple quantities of Etc/Commodities can drop.
The quantity dropped can be further enhanced through the use of Hunting Manuals, which are obtainable through exchange from the Monster Hunter.

The drop rates of items can be improved through the use of items such as Fortune Cookies and Ring of Fortune.