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Client Commands

This guide covers the list of available client commands to players.

Command Description
/aura Disables the aura of everyone.
/bgm Toggles background music on and off.
/breakguild [Guild Name] You will need to kick all guild members first.
/bv [0-127] Adjusts the BGM volume.
/camera Toggles camera zooming on and off.
/chat Opens the create chat room dialogue box.
/battlemode or /bm Starts Battle mode where the keyboard is used to instantly access shortcut-bar content without using F1~F9. Also, shortcuts of pages in the background can be used.
/eqopen Makes your equipment viewable by anyone.
/battlechat Activates the battlegrounds chat, with it enabled you can't use normal, party, or guild chats.
/bangbang Rotates your character clockwise.
/bingbing Rotates your character counter-clockwise.
/doridori Moves your character's head from side to side.
/deal Trade/Deal Items.
/effect Turns the special effects on/off.
/emotion Lists some of the in-game emotions.
/ex Displays a list of all the characters you have ignored.
/ex [Character name] Ignores the specified character.
/exall Ignores all characters.
/expel [Character name] Will remove a character from the party, if you are the party leader.
/check [text] Produces [ text ] in a green font. Use is unknown.
/fog Fog On/Off.
/font Toggles character names to appear above or below the character.
/gc or /guildchat [Message] Guild Chat.
/guild [Your name here] Creates a Guild, if you have an Emperium.
/hi [message] Sends the specified message to everyone on your friend list.
/h or /help Displays a list of commands and controls in the chat window.
/in [Character name] Un-ignores the specified character.
/inall Un-ignores all characters.
/itemsnap Snaps your cursor to pick up items on or off.
/leave Leaves your current party.
/lightmap Turns on/off the lighting/shadows of maps.
/loginout or /li Turns off guild messages and login messages (ie. "[Character Name] has logged in/out" and "[Character Name] has disconnected").
/memo Memorizes a warp point.
/mineffect or /minimize Enables less graphically intense effects. This command does not work for Wizard's AoE skills.
/miss Toggles miss notification on and off.
/noctrl or /nc Lets you attack a monster continuously without having to hold down the CTRL button.
/noshift or /nc Lets you use your magic on anyone or anything, including enemies and monsters.
/notalkmsg Message in public channel will not show in your chat-box.
/notalkmsg2 or /nm2 Keeps guild and public chat from being displayed in the chat window.
/notrade or /nt Blocks all trade offers and friend requests.
/organize [Your party name here] This will allow you to create a party.
/hoai Switches Homunculus AI between default and custom mode.
/traceai Saves Homunculus' status as a text file.
/q Leaves a chat room.
/quickspell1 or /q1 Enables the skill on the F9 hotkey by right-clicking.
/quickspell2 or /q2 Cycles through all skills on the F7 and F8 hotkeys.
/quickspell3 or /q3 Enables /q1 and /q2.
/refuse Automatically declines all party invites.
/accept Disables auto-decline.
/savechat Saves your entire message log into a text file. It is located in the folder "Chat", in your RO directory.
/set1 Include a 3 command function together which is /noctrl + /showname + /skillfail.
/shopping or /sh Allows opening vendor windows with one left-click and closing shop windows with one right-click.
/showname Character name display in a different font.
/sit Makes your character sit.
/skillfail No notice will be given when skill fail to function.
/skillsnap Snaps the skill cursor on or off.
/skip Toggles frame skip on and off. If this is off, RO will try to render every frame, even if it will slowdown the game in the process. If this is on, RO will drop frames to keep up a smooth game.
/snap Snaps the battle cursor on or off.
/sound Toggles sound effects on and off.
/stand Makes your character stand.
/v [0-127] Adjusts the sound effect volume.
/w or /who Displays number of players online.
/where Displays your current location (map name and XY coordinates).