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Automated Events

This guide covers information regarding all of the hourly events.

Events occur randomly throughout the day. Varying zeny rewards are offered for each events

Related NPCs

Event Host

Poring Popper

A large number of porings are spawned.
The player that pops 20 porings first wins!

Poring Catcher

A large number of porings are spawned with varying names.
The player that finds and kills the Poring with the proper name (Poring) wins!

Quick Math

Are you good at math? This one of you!
Be the first to evaluate and shout out the answer to the expression provided by the Event Host to win!

Monster Naming

Be the first player to shout out the name of the monster that the Event Host will disguise as.

Monster Counting

Monsters are spawned within an encapsulated area.
The player that counts the correct number of monsters that has appeared and shouts the number wins!

Zeny Grab

Waves of Zeny appear for players to pick up.
Grab as much Zeny as you can. You get to keep what ever you grab!

Last Clicker

An NPC appears for players to click.
Keep clicking it and be the player to get the last click to win!

Battle Royal

An all-out PvP brawl where only the last player surviving wins.

King of Emperium

An all-out, 30-minute PvP brawl where only the player or guild holding the Emperium at the end wins.