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Materia System

This guide covers information regarding the materia system.

The materia system replaces the official card system. All pieces of equipment contain 2 slots for compounding materia. Materia can be acquired in various ways, and there are many to be acquired, mixed and matched.

Compounding Materia

Only able to be compounded into weapons

Able to be compounded into any piece of armor

Only able to be compounded into accessories

How to Obtain Materia

Materia can be acquired in several ways: by monster drop, purchased from the Materia Shop located in Prontera, or from the Mystery Materia Box.

Materia Stacking

Nearly all materially are stackable, unless mentioned otherwise. Being stackable means that the effects of wearing multiples of the same materia compound on top of one another.
For example, wearing two Alexander materia allows you to inflict 100% more damage with holy magic attacks.
This stacking property also affects ability materia which grant skills. For instance, wearing two Holy materia will grant the Lv 10 Holy Light skill.
Wearing three Holy materia will not grant you Lv 15 Holy Light because the max level of Holy Light is 10.

Removing Materia from Equipment

To remove compounded materia from a desired piece equipment a Materia Extractor must be used.
Materia Extractors can be purchased from the General Shop. To extract the materia, equip the equipment you want to extract materia from and then use the Materia Extractor.

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Refer to the Materia page, for a comprehensive list of all the materia, along with information about their obtainability.