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Pet System

This guide covers information regarding the pet system.

Pets aid their owners by automatically collecting all nearby loot.
Loot picked up by pets are automatically transfering the owner's inventory.

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Monster Hunter

Donation Agent

Pet Hatcher

How to Obtain a Pet

Pet eggs can be acquired in two ways: from a Mystery Egg Basket or purchasing from the Donation Agent.
Mystery Egg Basket are obtainable through exchange from the Monster Hunter.

Hatching a Pet Egg

Pets eggs must be hatched in order for them to be out and active.
This can be done through the Pet Hatcher NPC, found in Prontera, or by using the Pet Incubator, which can be purchased from the Donation Agent.

Pet Duration

Unlike on official servers, Pets do not require any upkeep (feeding, intimacy maintenance, etc.).
However, they are all limited in duration.
Pets obtained from a Mystery Egg Basket have a duration of 30 minutes.
Pets obtained from the Donation Agent have a duration of 24 hours.
Only while the pet is out and active will the duration diminish.
Upon the expiration of a pet's duration, the pet will run away.

Other Details

The pet movement speeds are affected by the owner's movement speed, and the greater the movement speed, the faster the pet collects nearby loot.