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Refining System

This guide covers information regarding the refining system.

Refining increases the grade of a piece of equipment. An equipment's grade provide additional boosts to the player when worn.
All equipment start out without a grade. Only after refining will a piece of equipment obtain a grade. The better its grade, the better its benefit.

The sequence of grades are as follows: Advanced → Special → Artifact → Legendary.
Refined armors grant you more health, while weapons grant more attack and magic power.

Weapon Boost Armor Boost


HP + 2%

ATK/MATK + 10%

HP + 4%

ATK/MATK + 15%

HP + 6%

ATK/MATK + 30%

HP + 10%


The Refiner is found inside the Refinery located in Prontera.
The refining process requires Mythril and Zeny. The required amounts will depends on the grade attempted to be obtained.

There's a chance that failure may result in the Refiner's attempt at refining a piece of equipment.
Failure results in, not only the loss of the required Mythril and Zeny, but also the regression of the the equipment to its previous grade. The only exception is that Advanced equipment will not regress their grade at failed refinements to Special.
And so, the risk of failure and regression is dependant upon the refinement of the equipment.
Attempting to reach the Advanced and Special grade has less risk. Reaching a Legendary grade, on the other hand, will require perseverance, and will largely depends on luck.

Grade Mythril Req. Zeny Req. Chance of Success
50 50,000z 75%
100 75,000z 50%
200 150,000z 25%
400 300,000z 10%

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Obtaining Mythril

Mythril can be obtained through Mythril Boxes and by hunting monsters while wearing the Mythril Bangle.

Mythril Boxes can be purchased from the Merchant and acquired from Old Black Boxes.

Mythril Bangle can be rented from the Rental Dealer and acquired through exchange from the Monster Hunter.

Old Black Boxes can be acquired by hunting naturally spawning MVP monsters, and as Activity Rewards.
For those interested in hunting MVP monsters, refer to the MVP Tracker page for a comprehensive list of all the MVPs and their respective spawn locations.

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