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This guide covers information regarding zeny.

Zeny is the primary currency through which goods and services are exchanged.
Zeny is shared across all characters in an account, so there is no need to transfer zeny back and forth between characters in the same account.
An account can hold up to 2,000,000,000 zeny.


The Collector is a special NPC that seeks to purchase a particular commodity. The Collector is willing to pay generously for those who will bring him what he seeks; however, the quantity he is willing to purchase is limited. The commodity sought by the Collector is only temporary and changes hourly or when the required amount of the commodity he seeks is satisfied.

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MVP Hunting

Hunting MVP monster provides another avenue through which players can obtain zeny.
This is because on top of their regular drops, naturally MVP monsters drops bonus rewards.
Every MVP has a spawn delay of 30 minutes.

MVP bonus rewards include the following:

MVP rewards

Refer to the MVP Tracker page, for a list of all naturally spawning MVP monsters, along with with their location and status.

Zeny Farming

Regular monster hunting and collecting loot to sell to the Commodity Dealer will prove to be the most profitable of means to obtain zeny.
The Rental Dealer offers a selection of items for rent to support this endeavour.
The Monster Hunter offers permanent versions of the items available for rent by the Rental Dealer, and more, in exchange for completing the monster hunting missions he assigns.

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PvP Arena

The PvP Arena can be accessed by speaking to the Arena Master located in Prontera.
A set amount of Zeny is dispensed by the arena every minute, and as long as you are in there, you receive it.
The following are exempt from this dispensation:
- Players using Trick Dead
- Players using, or inside Basilica
- Players under the safety of the entrance havens
- Dead players
- Players under probation
- Idle Players

Players can conquer the arena and become the Arena Master(s) by destroying the Emperium within the PvP Arena.
The Emperium is always present, open and vulnerable to attack, unless guarded.
Players can conquer the arena by themselves or as a guild.
The Arena Master is the player, or guild who has the PvP Arena under their possession.
Arena Masters receive the PvP Arena Zeny dispensation at a higher rate. This boost also applies to Zeny acquired from kills within the PvP Arena.

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With a fishing rod and bait players can go fishing! The better the bait, the better the chance to capture rare fish.
Fishing offers players another way of earning zeny, as captured fish can be sold to the Commodity Dealer.

The fishing area is accessible through the Special Warper. The Fisherman can be found there. Fishing rods and bait can be purchased from the Fisherman.

The fishing rod gains experience as it is used with success and levels up. A higher level fishing rod allows for faster capture attempts.

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Fishing Items


Vending offers a passive method of generating income.
List for sale the items you don't want/need in the vending shops.
Once your item is sold, the proceeds will be automatically sent to by mail.

For more information refer to the Vending System guide.


Enter the Gambling Den located in Prontera and try your luck in games of chance and win big!

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