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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I earn zeny?

Collecting loot and selling them to the Commodity Dealer is the primary way to earn zeny. Players may also participate in events, or sell their goods to other players. Monsters also drop zeny. The tougher the monster, the more zeny it will typically drop. There are also materia available that increase the chances of zeny drops. Players can also go fishing and sell the fish they catch to the Commodity Dealer.

Is there a gold room?

No, there is no gold room. It is up to the players to find the most profitable place to farm.

Are there cards?

Cards have been replaced by materia. Every piece of equipment can hold two materia. Materia work identical to how cards do, as far as they can be inserted into any equipment.

What are Materia?

Materia are identical to cards; they are what can be inserted into the empty slots of your equipment to gain the special effects they offer you. The only difference is that materia, depending on their type, can only be inserted into certain types of equipment. Refer to server information for further details.

How many slots do equipment have to insert materia?

Everything is 2-slotted, with some exceptions, such as rental gear.

Do I have to level?

There is no leveling required. You receive all your skills and status points automatically when you create your character. All you have to do is allocate them.

Is this server using renewal mechanics?

No, it is is pre-renewal.

Why are there barely any @commands available to players?

The availability of @commands have been kept to a minimum. In BahamutRO, everything a player requires is offered to them in a form that does not require the usage of @commands. Check out the Utility button that appears below the General Shop icon found in the in-game HUD.

Is there @autoloot?

@autoloot is not available to players. The only ways for players to loot items, other than picking them up individually, is through the use of the skill Greed, or with the help of a pet. Pets automatically loot nearby items for you.

What are pets for?

Pets automatically loot any nearby items for their owners.

Do headgears have effects?

No, they do not. All headgears contain the same amount of slots for materia, and they do not offer any effects. This allows players to freely choose the headgears they wish to wear.

Is this a Pay2Win server?

Not at all. Most benefits provided to donators come as boosts in the rate of game progression. All donations items have been carefully selected to avoid impacting competition and balance of the game.

Will there be a mobile version for Android/iOS?

There will not be a mobile version, as those playing on mobile devices will find themselves greatly disadvantaged when it comes to PvP and PVE due to the fast-paced mechanics of BahamutRO.

Can I play BahamutRO on MacOS?

MacOS is not officialy supported, but those knowledgeable of the workings of MacOS can likely find a way, as nothing technically inhibits BahamutRO from running on MacOS.