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The current snapshot of the configuration of BahamutRO and the many features available.

Basics, Mechanics & Features






Minimal, or non-existent











Light, Dark, Orc, Demon

Knight, Crusader, Wizard, Sage, Sniper, Priest, Blacksmith, Alchemist, Assassin, Rogue, Monk, Ninja, Gunslinger, Super Novice


@commands, @me, @time, @whodrops, @mi, @mobinfo, @whereis

Drop Rates

1 ~ 80%

1 ~ 10%

0.5 ~ 1%


Special Features
Character Stats

Increases ATK and resistance to physical attacks

Increases FLEE, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed

Increases Maximum HP, HP Recovery

Increases MATK, Maximum SP, SP Recovery, and resistance to magic attacks

Increases HIT and Attack Speed

Increases Critical Rate and the probability rates of all effects granted by equipment and materia except for those pertaining to item drops

Materia System
The materia system replaces the official card system. All pieces of equipment contain 2 slots for compounding materia. Materia can be acquired in various ways, and there are many to be acquired and mixed and matched.

Only able to be compounded into weapons

Able to be compounded into any piece of armor

Only able to be compounded into accessories

Fishing System
With a fishing rod and bait players can go fishing! The better the bait, the better the chance to capture rare fish.
Furthermore, the fishing rod gains experience as it is used with success and levels up. A higher level fishing rod allows for faster capture attempts.
Fishing enables players another way of earning zeny, as captured fish can be sold to the Commodity Dealer.

PvP Arena
A set amount of Zeny is dispensed by the arena every minute, and as long as you are in there, you receive it.
The following are exempt from this dispensation:
- Players using Trick Dead
- Players using, or inside Basilica
- Players under the safety of the entrance havens
- Dead players
- Players under probation
- Idle Players
Players can conquer the Arena by destroying the Emperium within the PvP Arena.
The Emperium is always present, open and vulnerable to attack, unless guarded.
The Arena Master is the player, or guild who have the PvP Arena under their possession.
Arena Masters receive the PvP Arena Zeny dispensation at a higher rate. This boost also applies to Zeny acquired from kills within the PvP Arena.

Duel System

Players can duel each other in-game by right-clicking their desired opponent and requesting a duel.
Duels can be carried out anywhere. Once you are in a duel you cannot be targeted by, nor target, non-participants of the duel.

Refining System

All equipment can be refined to provide additional boosts. This process requires Mythril, which can be obtained in numerous ways.

Weapon Boost Armor Boost


HP + 2%

ATK/MATK + 10%

HP + 4%

ATK/MATK + 15%

HP + 6%

ATK/MATK + 30%

HP + 10%

Activity Rewards

Players are rewarded an Old Black Box after every hour of play. The play time does not have to be continuous, but idling does not count towards it.
These rewards are directly mailed to your account.

Special NPCs
Commodity Dealer
Loot plays an essential role in BahamutRO, and the Commodity Dealer is a special NPC to whom loot can be sold and bought from.
Loot sold to the Commodity Dealer is put on sale to allow to be purchased by other players.
The Merchant is a special NPC that puts up for sale various goods at a discount.
The Merchant's goods are limited. However, every hour he will renew what is for sale with a new batch of goods.
Certain items can only be purchased from the Merchant.
The Collector is a special NPC that seeks to purchase a particular commodity.
The Collector is willing to pay generously for those who will bring him what he seeks; however, quantity he is willing to purchase is limited.
The commodity sought by the Collector is only temporary and changes hourly or when the required amount of the commodity he seeks is met.
Rental Dealer
The Rental Dealer rents out a selection of highly-valuable equipment.
Rental items disappear from your inventory after the indicated period of its rental duration.
As soon as the purchase is made from the Rental Dealer, the rental timer begins, so purchase cautiously.
The Tailor offers quests for various job costumes.
Job costumes are for character personalization, and give no other benefit.
The Fashionist offers services to players who are curious as to what any desired headgear looks like.
The Fashionist also provides information in regards to the obtainability of the desired headgear.
Build Manager
The Build Manager manages your status point allocations.
He is able to save your status point allocations, as well as reset them.
Monster Hunter
The Monster Hunter provides players with monster hunting missions to complete in exchange for Proof of Hunter an item which can be exchanged for a variety of rare items.
Other Details
Weight System Overhaul

Items do not have weight, instead your inventory capacity is limited to 200 different items. And so, players are able to carry up to 30,000 of 200 different items.

Account-based Zeny

Zeny is shared across all characters in an account, so there is no need to transfer zeny back and forth between characters in the same account.

General Shop
The General Shop carries nearly all player necessities.
The General Shop is accessible at all times to the players by utilizing the button located beside the player HUD window.
Utility Buton
The Utility Button is found under the General Shop button and is always accessible.
The Utility Button allows players to check various server details, such as monster locations and monster drops.
The Utility Button also allows players to check the Change Log and submit Bug Reports.
Vending System
Several standalone Vending Shops are available within a designated area in Prontera. Players are able to list their items for sale directly into these Vending Shops. The seller's items remain listed even when they're not online, and all transactions are automatically handled and proceeds are mailed to the seller.
Headgears do not give any special effects. They all have 2 slots for materia.
The complete list of available headgears and the details of their obtainability can be found in the Headgear database.
Status Ailments

These are common status ailments that players should expect to encounter in battle.

Immobilize, -50% DEF, +25% MDEF, armor element forced to being Water

- DEF, - Attack Speed, - Movement Speed


-25% ATK, Stop HP/SP Regen, Lethal

Health damage every second, Non-Lethal


-100% Flee, - Attack Speed, - Movement Speed, Restricts use of high maneuverability skills (Shadow Leap, Body Relocation).

Armor element forced to being Earth, +25% MDEF, -50% DEF , -1% HP every 5 seconds, Non-Lethal

-100% LUK, -25% ATK, -200% Movement Speed

Randomized walking movement

-25% Hit, -25% Flee, Reduced Visibility

-25% MDEF, Health damage every 5 seconds, Non-Lethal

Heavy health damage every second, Stop HP/SP Regen, Lethal

Suffering player's visibility of receiving damage becomes distorted

Placed near sudden death.

Immunities to status ailment can only be gained through items

Element Chart

The rows represent the element of the attack, and columns represent he element of the target's armor.
The number indicates the percentage of total damage inflicted on the target (units are in percentage).
The green indicates additional damage is applied (above 100%), and the red indicates damage is below 100% (in case of a negative value, the target absorbs the attack as HP).


Armor Elements
Neutral Water Earth Fire Wind Poison Holy Dark Ghost
Neutral 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 25
Water 100 25 100 150 50 100 75 100 100
Earth 100 100 100 50 150 100 75 100 100
Fire 100 50 150 25 100 100 75 100 100
Wind 100 175 50 100 25 100 75 100 100
Poison 100 100 125 125 125 0 75 50 100
Holy 100 100 100 100 100 100 0 125 100
Dark 100 100 100 100 100 50 125 0 100
Ghost 25 100 100 100 100 100 75 75 125